ZhiBows – Zhibows


Bow tie necklace ZhiBows has a combination of holes in all sizes that tell the story of ZhiBows wHOLEheartedly. Her diversity reminds us of ocean waves that adapt to all circumstances. Surely, this piece of jewellery will catch the eye of any passer-by. Her delicate nature can flow with an individual’s style and accent their unique taste.


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Story behind the bows

We are absolutely nature lovers and we especially enjoy spending time in the woods on our mountain bikes. Through this sport, we’ve noticed the problem of “waste” from bicycle parts, particularly inner tubes. Thus, we started thinking of how to creatively utilize used bicycle parts and an idea was born: using the most common and malleable type of waste (inner tubes) for jewellery.

What they say?


I got my necklace and It's just perfect! It's small, cute and I like the feeling of contributing to a cleaner world 😊


Very lovely necklace! Got it as a gift and I wear it on my classy and rockstar outwear!


I was looking for a unique gift for my friend and I found these upcycled necklaces. The details on the necklace are outstanding! I just love it when people use materials that would be usually thrown away and craft them into something beautiful.