What is upcycle?

Creative reuse, upcycling, is the philosophy of Zhibows. As such, the brand strives to raise awareness of irresponsible consumerism.

Zhibows is based on the idea that the entire item is an upcycled or recycled product which can be reused. This means used products are repurposed into something fresh and new – they are given a new life. We are an advocates for responsible consumerism, believing each purchase should be purposeful. We want to make sure the items we buy are of known origin, fair-trade, durable and leave a minimal carbon footprint.

This includes their packaging. This is why we invested quite some time into finding an environmentally-friendly packaging solution for Zhibows. And we have found the perfect thing – an upcycled fabric that can be repurposed to a variety of uses! A successful local seamstress has been piling up heaps of scrap fabric. Together, we designed a beautiful sleeve for the Zhibows!